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Battletale Guide!
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Posted 25 Months Ago
Date: Oct 2015
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Hello Everyone!
I checked the forums and i didnt find a guide.
So i will just make 1 for the beginners!
How do i become good at Battletale?
1. First of all you gotta get a account of course.
2. You wanna play and lvl up. You go in a dungeon and realize the dungeon is to hard. You died. Unfortunately you need help from high lvl players in the beginning. Arun is currently working on this.
3. You are now with a high lvl'ed player and you start doing dungeons.
4. Boom! You are level 2!
5. Go to your character and you see you have character points to spend. Spend 2 points on Body and 1 on heart.
6. Keep farming until you get lvl 5. (Dont use the character points when you lvl up.)
7. You are lvl 5 now. Go back to the starting town.
8. Enter the shop and you see there are items you can buy.
9. You bought the item and you see you can't equip it. Now you need to use the character points.
Just use them like that that you can equip the item. If you have points left, spend them on body and heart. As Example: You got 5 Points. Spent 3 on body 2 on heart.
10.Keep Farming with a high lvled player until you get lvl 10.
11. If you get lvl ups check the shop if you can buy new items. (How you do it is explained in 9.)
12. You are lvl 10 now, equipped the best items. Now you can try to farm xp alone.
If you still die you can do them now with a low lvled player as well.
13. Lvl up until level 13.
14. You are lvl 13 now. Get the full iron set in the shop.
15. You should be able to solo caves. (Only if no boss)
16. Get lvl 15 so your account won't get deleted (ToS)
17. So.. You are lvl 15 now! Congratulations. If you spent your character points correctly you maybe have over 200 health. If so spend from now all points in body.
18. You're done. You can solo now caves even if bosses come.
19. Now you can decide what you want to do. Keep farming, Changing class, Changing your clothes.
20. I would only use Sword or Dagger Class. Since other classes are shit. If you want to use Dagger class since its very op you need lvl 18 to be op with daggers. You also need to get a stat reset potion because you need to use other stats. You need to spend more points on rush. but the body heart system you still must use to be good. Then there are Clothes. Some Clothes require high stats like my overcloak (10 Mind) So you need to use stat potions as well.
21. GG you are now high lvl'ed as well and youre able to help now the new players!
Posted 25 Months Ago
Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 119
teaming with low levels
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