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BattleTale v1.95.80 Patch Notes
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Posted 60 Months Ago
Date: Mar 2012
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BattleTale v1.95.80 Patch Notes:
- Fixed defense incorrectly showing as increasing by adding accuracy stat points
- Fixed unmute window not disabling button if player doesn't have enough gems
- Fixed mail letters not appearing in mail window
- Fixed strikes not properly updating when a new strike occurs
- Fixed poll window not opening
- Added "wave" animation accessible by "F5" key and "/wave" command
- Changed "celebrate" command into "cheer"
- Fixed click zone for lottery chests not always activating
- Changed chest glow light to match rarity color of object
- Added hover over chest item details preview
- Fixed using certain commands during battle crashing the client
- Changed battle interface to action selection first then target selection
- Pressing escape now undos the battle action selected if applicable
- Fixed mouth not updating when using register and appearance potion
- Fixed music not stopping on unexpected client termination
- Fixed being unable to use the login screen from an invalid battle link
- Fixed being able to battle through map warp points when battling is disabled
- Fixed party chat command increases challenge delay timers
- Fixed party chat not working in battle
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