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BattleTale v1.95.75 Patch Notes
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Posted 62 Months Ago
Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 433
BattleTale v1.95.75 Patch Notes:
- Fixed bank upgrade ticket not being removed on use
- Fixed only newest strike being shown with having multiple strikes
- Fixed strike behavior not increasing duration for repeat offenders
- Fixed unmute promotion not always appearing
- Fixed game music not stopping on client termination
- Fixed potentially using gems when all strikes have expired
- Added white glow for hovering over units in battle when it's not your turn
- Changed the name of stats to a more quicker to learn stat name: Body is now Strength, Heart is now Vitality, Guard is now Accuracy, Rush is now Dexterity, Soul is now Wisdom, Mind is now Intelligence
- Guard stat has changed from a defensive stat to Accuracy, increasing the stat slightly increases battle grid size and decreases miss chances
- Fixed selling button not disabling after claiming entire stash
- Reduced critical damage multiplier
- Fixed dodge/miss/block chances increasing instead of decreasing with improving player stats
- Replaced certain bitmap graphics with vector graphics
- Added interactive game objects to world

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