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The Closed Beta program follows a strict testing policy. Members failing to maintain the requirements will have their accounts disabled during the Closed Beta program.

Successfully completing the Closed Beta program requires:
  • Weekly participation.
  • Bugs, Battles, and Website issues reporting.
  • Forum participation and commenting.
  • Reaching Level 15 by the end of the program.
  • Personal end of the program manual evaluation.
Due to the strict nature of the Closed Beta program, successfully completing the closed beta program will qualify participants for limited exclusive, non-transferable rewards when the Open Beta program begins. The Closed Beta program is scheduled to end when the game version reaches v2.00.00.

If you do not believe you can meet the requirements, do not sign up at this time. You may freely join the upcoming Open Beta program without any requirements. All accounts will be purged at the end of the Closed Beta program. Do not apply for a new account if your account gets disabled, simply reapply for reinstatement.

Note: Almost everyone who applies will be accepted at this time. Our email system may not successfully deliver your invitation email, if you do not receive an email within a week, please contact us directly to get your beta key.