BattleTale Terms of Service

1. Our relationship with you

1.1 Your use of our website and services is subject to the legal agreement between you, referred to as the "Client," and us, BattleTale. "BattleTale" also referred to as "Battle Tale," "Us," "We," and "Our" is referring to this website, it's services, and the private company that owns, maintains, and operates this website. Our methods of involvement: this site, content, transmission, communication, interaction, and data, are referred to as the "services" BattleTale is providing you with. The "terms" is referring to the Terms of Service of this site. The term "contract" refers to the agreement between you and BattleTale for the use of the site and BattleTale's services.

1.2 The "data" referred to as part of BattleTale's services, is defined as any information (including accounts and personal information) that is maintained on BattleTale's servers or set on your computer on behalf of BattleTale.

1.3 BattleTale's "policy" refers to any guidelines set by BattleTale regarding the use and operation of our site and services.

2. Requirements for BattleTale

2.1 You may only use our services if you have accepted our terms and BattleTale acknowledges that you have accepted our terms. This contract must be active and not terminated to use our services.

2.1 You must follow all applicable laws of the country of your citizenship and the country you are currently residing in, regarding the use of our website and services. BattleTale is not responsible to end our services with you, should you be in conflict with them.

2.2 By using our services, you agree to our contract that you understand and accept all of our Terms of Service and other policies. Furthermore, and changes to our terms or policies will be automatically accepted by you.

2.3 You are not to use this website or accept our Terms of Service if you are prohibited by United States, your country of residence, or your country of citizenship.

2.4 You may not resume our services with you, if BattleTale has previously terminated services with you, without written consent from BattleTale.

2.5 You must be 13 years of age or older to register on BattleTale.

3. Specification on our Services

3.1 BattleTale reserves the right to terminate our services with you at sole discretion of BattleTale at any time without any notification.

3.2 Our services are constantly under improvement and redesign, and at any time we may remove or add a feature, that may directly conflict with operation of this site without prior notice to you.

3.3 BattleTale may at any time disable our services temporarily or permanently without prior notification to you. This may hinder you from accessing BattleTale's services. You agree that our services do not belong to you and BattleTale licenses this to you non-exclusively on a basis that may be terminated at any time without prior notice. You may not transfer, trade, give, buy, or sell these transactions, services, or byproduct of these services without written consent from BattleTale.

3.5 You may not terminate your contract to BattleTale without written consent from BattleTale. BattleTale reserves the right to deny, ignore, or refuse to end the contract.

3.6 Any violation of our services or policies will result in instant termination of our services with you. Termination does not exclude you from the results of this contract, it only terminates your rights to use of our services.

3.7 BattleTale services are regarded as mostly free to use, however this may change at any time without prior notification.

4. Terms of Service's Language

4.1 You agree that you understand that these terms are written in English and that you are agreeing to the English terms and not any translated, summarized, or altered terms without written consent from BattleTale.

4.2 You agree that you did not accept these with any confusion on possible definitions or possible alternate understandings of our terms.

4.3 BattleTale will not accept any agreements to our terms by a person who is not fluent (deemed by complete understanding of our terms) in English.

5. Security of our Services

5.1 We strive to keep our services between BattleTale and you as secure as possible and limited as possible. BattleTale does not guarantee that our services will not be accessed without our sole discretion.

5.2 You agree that any account information used to access our service is strictly your responsibility to maintain. Furthermore, you agree that you are solely responsible to BattleTale for any activity that occurs under your account.

6. Privacy of our Services

6.1 BattleTale maintains that our services will be used according to our Privacy Policy.

6.2 BattleTale respects your right to privacy, and will not disclose any information purposely to any third party, as defined as no affiliation to BattleTale, without a personal notification to you. BattleTale does not claim responsibility for your acknowledgement of this notification.

6.3 You agree to use our services in according to BattleTale's Privacy Policy.

7. Content in our Services

7.1 BattleTale is not responsible for the content, referred to as a direct or associated product of BattleTale, this site, and its services, and internal or external content located on the BattleTale website, and it is the sole responsibility of the content originator. Some content may be offensive, indecent, innappropriate, or objectionable. Use BattleTale service's at your own risk.

7.2 You retain the right to link to any content produced by our services, however a royalty free, perpetual, universal, irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to distribute, reproduce, adapt, change, translate, publish, use, and publicly display this content belongs to BattleTale. The content is our intellectual property, and we retain the right to the use of this property. We reserve the right (but have no obligation) to modify, block, pre-screen, filter, review, or flag any content.

7.3 You may not use our content for any reason without the written consent of BattleTale. Any use of this content for non-profit reasons is considered a violation of our contract, and BattleTale reserves the right to seek damages and loss from you.

7.4 You are liable for any content created through the use or result of our services, and any loss or damage BattleTale may suffer by doing so.

7.5 Any third party or affiliated content belongs to the respectful owner, and BattleTale has no responsibility for any information transmitted through our services.

7.6 BattleTale reserves the right to alter or remove any content, character, or services that we deem a risk, liability, or a threat. BattleTale also reserves the right to alter or remove any content or services without prior notification of the person liable for the content.

8. Licenses

8.1 Any license, contract, service, or agreement made by BattleTale may be terminated at the sole discretion of BattleTale at anytime without prior notification.

8.2 BattleTale maintains the right to this site, content, and data. Any trademark, copyright, logo, or company may not be used in a manner that may create confusion, infringement, or violate any laws of the United States or any other Country.

9. Copyright and Trademark Policy

9.1 BattleTale operates with respect to international intellectual property laws. Any violation will be removed upon approval of notice. BattleTale responds to DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown notices, as the service is based in the United States and follows intellectual property laws required by the United States Government.

10. Limited Liability

10.1 BattleTale claims no responsibility for any unintended use of content and services. BattleTale, its affiliates, and third parties will not be held responsible for any damage incurred as a direct, indirect, special, related, exemplary, or consequential use of these services. This is not limited to data loss, buisness reputation, or any form of liability.

10.2 You agree BattleTale operates in a manner that holds you responsible for the content and use of services that may occur as a result of you using these services.

11. Abuse of Services

11.1 You agree misuse as defined in section 11.2 of BattleTale's services will result in termination of contract. Furthermore, BattleTale may seek compensation for damage and loss. You agree to be held responsible for your actions for abuse of services and to only use these services for their intended purpose.

11.2 Misuse of BattleTale's services is considered the following actions: bullying; harvesting information; abusive, hateful, threatening, racist, libelous, defamatory, or objectable behavior; harassing; stalking packet editing; packet injecting; memory editing; defacing; phishing; altering intended behavior; scamming; fraudulent activity; flooding; spamming; disrupting server operations; impersonating a living person; impersonating a BattleTale moderator or employee; transmitting malicious, offensive, indecent, or illegal content; invading privacy; infringing on intellectual property; linking to malicious material; data mining; automating; framing; mirroring; selling; advertising; exploiting any content or services; reverse engineering any content or services; modifying any content or services; macroing; stealing; insulting; hindering the operations of a BattleTale employee or moderator; using tools to alter game play; commercializing BattleTale's services; emulate, match make, or tunnel our services; copy, modify, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any of BattleTale's services or content; any unintended use of these services and content.

Last updated February 23, 2012